Podcasting and Blogging Essentials

The internet is revolutionizing the way we communicate with a mass audience. Long gone are the days in which only the newspaper or the radio had the power to spread information. Today, we can do these things ourselves with technologies called blogging and podcasting.

This program explains the basic concepts of podcasting and blogging, two new technologies that allow people to share their thoughts and ideas over the internet using text, audio, and video. The viewer will learn the basics of each technology in plain English, and with step-by-step instructions for creating his or her own podcast or blog. No previous knowledge is required, and technical jargon is avoided. Perfect for people of all ages who have ideas to share!

Starring Alisha Seaton, Yoi Tanabe, and Heather Tocquigny.

2007, 50 minutes, NTSC DVD

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DVD Bonus Features:
"Podcasts and Blogs: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow"
An interview with director Nick Pernisco about the history and future of podcasts and blogs.
"Making the podcast"
A short film detailing the development and production of a podcast.


Watch the trailer:

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