Blogging in the Classroom

Since the creation of the printing press and moveable type, information media has been controlled by those with the money and resources to publish the information. News organizations are run as commercial enterprises, so their loyalties lie with advertisers, not with the readers. If you’re a consumer of information media and you have an opinion about a particular article or the world in general, your voice would be silenced by editors who are more concerned with printing stories that sell newspapers than printing public opinion.

But in today’s technology-laden world, the public has an opportunity to respond to news and world events through the use of the internet, but also create news themselves. This can be done easily and at no cost through the use of blogs. Blogs are like internet newspapers or journals that we can update any time and post our thoughts about the world. But blogs are so much more than just newspapers.

This title discusses the various ways in which blogging can be used by educators to make learning more fun and relevant to students. It includes several strategies and techniques that will help improve literacy, verbal and social abilities, and creativity.

2009, 25 minutes, NTSC DVD

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